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Watch our Sunday Services live on Facebook and Zoom.

Time: 10:00 am (AZ Time)

Facebook:  To watch services via Facebook, click HERE.  Due to licensing and Copyright laws, the worship portion of the service will not be aired on Facebook.  This will allow us to save the rest of the service to view at a later time.

Zoom:  To watch services, bible studies and meetings via Zoom, click HERE.  There will be a quick ONE TIME download required before you use Zoom for the first time.  Because Zoom sessions will not be recorded, the service will be broadcast in its entirety including worship music.  Please note:  The computer audio is not great and has a tendency to cut out.  Calling in to the meeting via your phone is preferred.  Read the next paragraph for phone instructions.

Audio:  To access Zoom meeting audio via phone (preferred), dial (669) 900-6833.  The Meeting ID is 484 186 9815.  

We will also be using Zoom for weekly bible studies and meetings.  For details on bible studies and meetings, click on the Calendar page.

For information on how to use Zoom, watch the video below:

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